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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Societas Linguistica Europaea [SLE] Annual Meeting 2015: Themed session on Case and agreement 

András Bárány, Michelle Sheehan, and Jenneke van der Wal organised a themed session on the interaction of Case and agreement at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea in Leiden, in September 2015.

We had a great programme covering languages from all over the world, and phenomena like inverse agreement, global case splits, differential object (and subject) marking, tripartite systems, split-ergativity, and more. Here you can find handouts and slides of some of the talks.

Bárány, András Dissociating Case and Agree

Irimia, Monica Alexandrina V extension strategies

Kaiser, Elsi and Merilin Miljan Estonian speakers’ interpretations of morphological case: Implications for Case/Agree

Kalin, Laura Deriving Differential Object Marking: Optional Licensers and Nominal Features

Kornfilt, Jaklin DOM in Turkish: Not only dependent Case, but also dependent Agree

Kuo, Pei-Jung Topicality and DOM in Mandarin Chinese

López, Luis Differential marking in the DP

Mardale, Alexandru Romanian DOM-marker is not a case assigner

Odria, Ane Dative case in Basque DOM objects: A configurational approach

Pyle, Conor DOM in dialects of the Western Desert in Australia

Spyropoulos, Vassilios Abstract and morphological case in nominative-accusative systems with differential marking

Thomas, Daniela and Gereon Müller 3-Way Systems Do Not Exist

van der Wal, Jenneke A featural account of variation in Bantu object marking

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