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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
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2017 Roberts, I. The Wonders of Language, or How to Make Noises and Influence People . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ledgeway, A. & I. Roberts (eds.) The Cambridge Handbook of Historical Syntax. Cambridge: Cambridge Universtity Press. Roberts, I. 2017. Uniformitarianism. In A. Ledgeway...

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In Press or Accepted

2017 Höhn, Georg F.K., Giuseppina Silvestri & M.Olimpia Squillaci. Accepted. Greek and Romance Unagreement in Calabria. To appear in special issue of Journal of Greek Linguistics . 2016 Biberauer, T. (in press). Particles and the Final-over-Final Constraint. To appear in: M. Sheehan, T...

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Conference Presentations and Materials

2017 Ian Roberts Roberts, I. 2017a. Verb Movement and Cartography in Romance and Beyond. University of Southern California, February 23 rd ; Yale University, April 3 rd ; University of Massachusetts at Amherst, April 14 th ; MIT LingLunch, April 20 th . Roberts, I. 2017b. Government, Agreement and...

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This folder contains drafts and handouts from conference presentations by ReCoS members.