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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Societas Linguistica Europaea [SLE] Annual Meeting 2013: Workshop on differential subject marking and ergativity.

The organisers, Michelle Sheehan, Alison Biggs and András Bárány, would like to thank everyone for their participation in the Workshop on differential subject marking and ergativity at the 2013 SLE conference in Split, Croatia.

We've set up this website to make the slides and handouts available for all
participants and everyone who missed the workshop. The talks covered a wide
range of phenomena related to differential subject marking and ergative
phenomena and the present materials provide valuable content, discussion and
references for anyone interested in the topics.

The (alphabetical) list will be updated until we have received all
contributions. You can send your slides or handouts to Alison Biggs,, or András Bárány,

  • Introduction slides
  • Chumakina, Marina: Biabsolutives in Archi and DSM slides
  • Coon, Jesssica and Omer Preminger: Severing Differential Subject Marking from Ergativity handout
  • Hallman, Peter: Agreement as DSM handout
  • Kornfilt, Jaklin: An instance of DSM in a family of Nominative/Accusative languages handout
  • Jung, Hakyung: Structural conditions for ergativity: A view from North Russian slides
  • Nakagawa, Natsuko: Discourse Basis of Ergativity in Kansai Japanese slides
  • Spyropoulos, Vassilios: Differential subject marking in Pontic Greek: case features and morphological realization slides
  • Stroński, Krzysztof: Differential Subject Marking and Differential Object Marking vs. Ergativity in Indo-Aryan. Hierarchies Revisited.
  • Witzlack-Makarevich, Alena and Balthasar Bickel and Taras Zakharko: Typological evidence against universal effects of referential scales on agent case marking
The original call for papers is still available here.