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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

CamCoS 3 (Cambridge Comparative Syntax)


Registration for CamCoS 3 is now open: click here to sign up.

The programme for CamCos 3 is available! See here for details or download it here. You can still find information on accommodation and travel arrangements here.

The first half day will feature talks by Cambridge-based researchers, followed by a full-day general session on comparative generative syntax. The final day of the conference will feature a themed session with invited speakers on the topic of variation in the morphophonological, morphosyntactic and morphosemantic domains. Abstracts, which may, but need not, pick up on the conference theme, are invited for the general session. 

In relation to the themed session, the central question we would like to address is to what extent it is possible to provide a formal account of cross-linguistic variation in the domain of morphology. More specifically, to the extent that there is a deeper basis to the classic morphological types proposed by 19th and early 20th century philologists and anthropologist-linguists (principally, the Schlegels, Humboldt, Schleicher and Sapir), can they be captured in a principled and explanatory manner? In other words, is it possible to think of morphology in parametric terms?

Invited speakers for CamCos 3 are:

  • Iris Berent (Northeastern University) 
  • Phil Branigan (Memorial University) 
  • Dunstan Brown (University of York) 
  • Nigel Duffield (Konan University) 
  • Daniel Harbour (Queen Mary University of London) 
  • Martina Wiltschko (University of British Columbia)

Abstracts can be submitted via EasyAbs here and the full Call for Papers is available here.

More information

You can find more information on accommodation and the conference venue. A preliminary programme is now available here.