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Rethinking Comparative Syntax (ReCoS)

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Kari Kinn’s research interests include comparative syntax, historical linguistics, language contact, heritage languages and information structure.

To date, null arguments, pronouns and DP syntax have been major focus areas of Kari’s research. Her doctoral thesis is on null subjects in the history of Norwegian; currently, she is working on the typology of partial null-argument languages and on aspects of the DP syntax of Heritage Norwegian.

Kari was awarded a PhD at the University of Oslo in 2016.  She conducted parts of her doctoral research as a Visiting Student at the University of Cambridge. Previously, she has been affiliated with the project Information Structure and Word Order Change in Germanic and Romance Languages at the University of Oslo.

Kari is now working at the University of Oslo.


Key publications: 

Null arguments in Old Norwegian: interaction between pronouns and the functional categories of the clause / Linguistic Variation / to be published in volume 17:2, 2017

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Dr Kari  Kinn

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